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NEW! 2018 Calendar

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The 2018 calendar features an all-new collection of the best pictures from the site, all remastered from the original source materials.

It also includes important dates for Nova Scotia (Halifax Explosion, Launching of HMCS Sackville, when Barrett's Privateers sailed and sank), Space and Science Fiction (Sputnik, future birth of James T. Kirk), and both (Shag Harbour UFO) - as well as the dates for Hal-Con and other events.

Printed on premium heavy stock.

$20.00 + $5.00 shipping/handling + 15% NS HST

Includes These Pictures:

Atatcogswell Stormchips Snowduel Geequinox parking Wave Morning sith Arrivalalt Fillmoretempest2 Nymphadora Ghostfacers Orphans Hothchristmas

Order online, or look for the calendar in shops around the Halifax area!

There are also t-shirts, posters, postcards, and other items available, but due to the complexities of packing and shipping these items, they aren't available for online ordering - however, please contact me at to discuss delivery options. If you are in the HRM area, personal pick-up and delivery can be arranged.

All my items, including unique limited-editions, are available at the booths at Hal-Con, AubCon, Spring Geequinox, and other events around Halifax and Nova Scotia.

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